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About Jessica & The Experience

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I am a natural, timeless and vibrant Connecticut based wedding and portrait photographer with a passion for capturing love.

Coming from a family of artists, I have always been captivated by art and beauty. The need to create and see the extraordinary in everything has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.

I am a full service wedding photographer dedicated to making your day be stress free, personalized and unique. Together we will create a detailed schedule that will provide organization to the day and that will also allow me to be creative while you enjoy your wedding day at a relaxed pace. My purpose is to tell your love story using the most natural and beautiful light possible. I focus on capturing the true emotions and details of the day and to let things happen as organically as possible (with little tips from me along the way, so you can look and feel your best!) I am here to turn your special day into art through the images that I capture and paint the complete picture for you to cherish forever.

In addition to photographing your wedding day, I’d love to help you in any other aspects of your day. Having planned my own wedding just 2 years ago I have my own stories, advice and ideas that I would love to share with you.

After the wedding I will help you decide and design your heirloom pieces that best suit you and your family.


“Expand your viewpoint of what wedding photography is and what it could be. If the inspiration finds you, use these insights to develop your own brand of fine art. Inspiration isn’t easy, and it’s doesn’t come to those who are looking for it. But it’s out there waiting to be discovered.” – Jeff Kent



Photos by : Caroline Frost Photography

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